Upper Narrows Dam – Smartsville CA


“Originally called Upper Narrows Dam. Construction begun in 1938, completed in 1941, at a cost of $4 million. Originally built to catch hydraulic mining debris, retrofitted for hydroelectric generation (provides power for 50,000 homes annually). Also used recreationally by houseboaters and anglers. The dam is 260 feet high and 1142 feet long; Englebright Reservoir is 227 feet deep at the dam, covers 815 acres, and is 9 miles long with 24 miles of shoreline.”

from http://www.syrcl.org/majorissues/SalmonReport.htm


Location Info

Englebright Dam Rd
Smartsville, CA 95977

Location notes:
The dam is now called Engelbright Dam and is located 20 miles Northeast of Marsyville.

Coordinates: 39.239466, -121.269236

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