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New Deal airports, schools, hospitals, post offices, art, highways and more are still in use 75 years after they were built. No city, town, or rural area was untouched by the New Deal.

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Revisiting The Election of 1936

Harvey Smith recently dug up a copy of the Democratic Party platform from the campaign of the 1936, the guideline for Franklin Roosevelt’s record-breaking run for re-election.  It is an eye-opener to consider the what FDR’s team hoped to accomplish… Read More

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Our Post Office is not For Sale

Opposition Growing to Post Office Sell Off

Popular opposition to the sale of America’s historic post offices is gathering momentum; Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) introduced HR 466, urging the U.S. Postal Service to halt all sales of historic postal buildings across the country. Earlier this month Lee… Read More

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Luis Prado, Craters of the Moon poster

WPA Posters Inspire A New Generation

Inspired by the New Deal arts programs, Creative Action Network (CAN), an online community of mission-driven artists, announced a crowdsource campaign to create a new collection of “See America” posters celebrating America’s national parks.  Within a few weeks about two… Read More

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